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Electric heated palm massager

Product function: repairing the light festival strain and aging, alleviating the symptoms of hand numbness and cold, whitening and maintaining the skin
Product packaging: one hand massager, one power adapter, instruction manual, warranty card, certificate of conformity
Product size: length 265Xmm width 220mmX height 90mm
Product weight: 1.178kg
Product power: 6W
Product Color: Pearl White, Amber Gold, Daqing Red

1. Do not use the hand massager while driving.
2. Do not use the massager outside high temperature and humidity.
3. There are discomfort symptoms such as redness, swelling, inflammation, and blood stasis.
4. Before using, please make sure that there is no wearing ornament on the palm.
5. Do not apply nail polish within 1 hour before use.
6. Please put your palm into the inner liner of the massager and turn it on, so as not to damage the airbag due to overpressure. Suggestion
Wear disposable gloves to use the product.
7. Please use the regulated power supply configured by our company, and pay attention to the safety of power consumption.
8. The battery is low, please remove the battery to avoid damage to the machine due to battery leakage;
(Alkaline batteries are recommended)
9. The hand massager is designed as a household electric health care product, not suitable for diagnosis, treatment and other
It's commercial use.
10. If cleaning is needed, wipe it with a sterile cotton cloth soaked with a neutral detergent. No water
Clean the product.
11. This massager has heating function, please pay attention to users who are not sensitive to temperature sensing.


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